Ingrid Gunberg
has worked in different Swedish business organizations for 30 years, mostly in communication and business development. She is a qualified Psychosynthesis therapist and has her own practice since 1999, coaching individuals. Trained in Constellation work, Ingrid is working with family and organisational constellations for several years and has explored different personal and organisational development approaches, which she weaves into the Spiral method.

Chris Robertson
is a director of Spiral Consulting, which offers  training and reflective support to executive coaches and consultants. He is the author of 'Dangerous Margins' in the Ecopsychology anthology 'Vital Signs' (Karnac, 2012) and co-author of Emotions & Needs (OUP, 2002). He is co-creator of the workshop Borderlands and the Wisdom of Uncertainty, which in 1989 became the subject of a BBC documentary As well as working with coaches, he has been working as group trainer since 1978 in several European countries. He is a registered psychotherapist working for Re•Vision psychotherapy training centre.  chrisrobertson@spiralconsulting.com

Josef Frischer 
 PhD offers consulting and reflective training to executives in Hi-tech industry and medical care. He is particularly focusing on the interface of personal interactions and innovation, drawing on the principle of reciprocity in the development of Learning Alliances. Josef is part of the IFSI (International Forum for Social Innovation) The 5th Leading Consultation programme in Paris, France. Within this programme Josef is part of generating actionable knowledge from successful individuals, group or organisational practice (Learning from Success). Josef has been an Assistant Professor in Psychology at Aalborg and Mid Sweden University. josef.frischer@gmail.com 


Jacqueline van de Pol 

experienced organizational psychologist

Nijmegen Area, Netherlands. Contact: J.vandePol@inter.NL.net

Sacha Kluvers

Independent Professional Training & Coaching Professional

Almere Stad Area, Netherlands. Contact: s.kluvers@debaak.nl

Bobbo Steen

Organisational re.building, Norway


Ola Stillbäck

SOLA coaching