Spiral Consulting works with coaches, consultants & leaders in:

Emergent Change:

being responsive to nascent potentialities in the flow

Paradoxical nature of change:

getting your agenda out of the way and working with dynamic imbalance

Organisational Thresholds:

containing collective anxiety, differentiating thresholds and making phase specific interventions

Relational Dynamics:

sensing and naming the implicate to release collaborative alliance

Negative Capability:

holding the creative tension without premature closure

Organisational Shadow:

accessing the hidden culture and repressed spiritual potency

Spiral Consulting was formed in 2001 to offer in-depth courses and coaching supervision to coaches and consultants recognising the need for experiential learning that braves the shadows and vulnerability. In both courses and individual work it brings together diverse ideas including complexity, paradox, emergence, synchronicity, the relational field, organisational and family constellation, archetypal and alchemical imagination while focusing on the craft of how to integrate these into practice.

Spiral Consulting,

97 Brondesbury Road, London NW6 6RY

Mail to: chrisrobertson@spiralconsulting.com